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#161209 Posted at 2014-03-17 17:33        
# -=XTRA=-Larsiano : I love you packs. They are realy good. I was wondering if you will also paint the underwear? I like black with yellow smilys on them or something silly (just boxers with no fly). Also i was wondering if you SP pack has a Dutch (The Netherlands) flag, i couldn't find it in the list. And third maybe i will soon ask you if i could use 1 / 2 skins to make some Dutch units for ArmA3 and wondered what you policy about this is. Thanks!
Thanks, i may be able to do different color underwear, if you have not noticed i am adding the country flags in alphabetical order lol, i am doing M now then N will be after that,(Netherlands) is dutch yea, i have started doing a dutch camo pack now but if you wish to still use uniforms from my other packs then yes its cool, here is a picture of textures that will be for NED Pack *THUMBS UP*