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Hello everyone, I'm Some Russians. There is only one of me, and I'm not Russian, fancy that.

I've been 'modding' ARMA 2 for a while now, but I've only been "The texture guy" because of my digital art background, so I decided to try my hand at editing configs to try something new. It hasn't gone very well.

I started with simple things, messing with speed values just to see if I could make it work. I played with using copies of the default vehicles and got them to work, then I actually tried to edit them. They stopped showing up in the editor.
Then I tried working with a very old and simple mod vehicle, the X-02 Wyvern because I know it works and it works pretty well. I broke it too.

So I went searching the various forums across the interwebz and found a few things that seemed relevant that seemed to have magically resolved themselves.

I have the full BIS tools suite and a number of other common tools and a rough idea of how to use them.
When I get to the config.bin, I can convert it into config.cpp without much, if any, trouble via cfgconvert and it all shows up in notepad nice, clean and proper. I've been able to use the editing tools to either convert it to a .cpp or edit in .bin format. However, when I put it back into a .pbo and replace the one in the @mod/addon, the vehicles disappear from the spawnlist. This happens even if I don't make any changes to any values and don't convert them into .cpp.
I've tried repacking the .pbo with both PBO-View and BinPBO-PE which have both worked very well for my other modding adventures in the past.

I've double checked that all the []s were in order through conversion and that everything was formatted correctly to the best of my knowledge. The assorted guides I've found have suggested that I don't have to convert back into a non-readable .bin, and all seemed to focus on digging through stock ARMA files and editing them in odd ways, but I'm just after a slight value change. Hell, I'd be fine with just having a unmodified config work.

-Some Russians/Some Navy SEALs

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