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The Alien Life Mission Series is a series of missions that are based on a backstory that involves Aliens on Earth who are living with us. This is the Backstory.

"It has been 2 years since the Zetaborn have landed here on earth. For the most part these aliens have adapted to life on earth well. Some have gone as far as becoming citizens of earth while others stick to their own. Yet there is also a group of radical aliens who choose to take over earth for their own uses. As a citizen of the respected city your in, how will you interact with these aliens? Will you accept them into your society, will you ignore them, or will you try and kill every one of those greys to rid earth of there exsistance.

Its up to you the residents of earth to band together and fight against the aliens who are trying to take over earth and expend its resources and enslave humanity."

Even though the series has LIFE in its name, its just the name. There will be some aspects of life mods, but the main focus of this series is a Coop map, where you fight with meager weapons vs a much stronger alien force. These Aliens have Mind Controllers who have possessed military units and force them to fight vs the humans. Since your living in an urban area, you have no real military support. A few planes fly thru and the odd tank may appear, but is it enough.

Fight your way thru waves of alien attacks, and offer up bribes to the friendlier aliens in hopes for their weapons.

Aliens do not die easy, so taking down even a single alien will take 3-4 people working together. In between the attacks and the combat, there will be other activities, but stay focused on whats important, the survival of humanity.

The team is recruiting help at this time, and 2 maps are playable with base features intact. Current maps are Lingor and Emita, more to be added soon. I wanted to get away from the usual KOS RDM life servers and have a mission series that focus on coop and teamwork with some twists to make it different.

Mods needed to play will be linked soon, but they are awesome mods like DDOPLERS Tazer, the Alienz Mod, and RH Pistol mod. those are all I plan on adding in mod wise. Video links will be posted soon.

Added 19 minutes later:

Here is the link on Bohemia website.

Alien Life Series

Mods Required:
Alienz Life
RH Pistol Mod
Tazer Mod

Much respect to the creators of the above mods, and all who helped create them. I just want to showcase them as part of my mission series.

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