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#162003 Posted at 2014-03-30 19:51        
# kazimierz : Nice addon. Be aware of your accuracy though. I support your work, but will give you my bit of critique for free!

Some of the camo patterns are fictional -at least they have never been used by the Dutch Armed Forces. Make sure you get the information right -as there are a lot of sites filled by people who never have been in service and dream-up all kinds of stuff. As a realism fan, I would suggest you ditch the prototype patterns and focus on the realistic ones from recent history.
Secondly, the Dutch flag on uniforms in real life is rather small and less vivid. During operations, most infantry units will want to camouflage that part of the uniform, as it stands out rather clearly. Some don't wear flags at all.
Third, the berets are rather bad -I'm sorry but that's my opinion. Colours and emblems don't exist in real life, or at least not in that combination. As said, the baby-blue colour only exists as the standard UN ops beret.
The baseball-caps are (still) non-regulation clothing and allowed almost exclusively during operations abroad. You will not see them often in the Netherlands.

Please do more research - though I applaud your dedication!
I know they are not 100% perfect mate they may not even be 50% perfect, i only do it as a bit of fun in my spare time *DRINK*

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