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#162224 Posted at 2014-04-04 06:13        
Just like I posted on the download page for the C-17 mod.

Some unrealistic errors have been noted.

The Cargo Bay Ramp should not extend as far as it does. It passes the coplaner mark and thus, would cause the aircraft to pitch down very quickly.

The Cargo Bay Toe ramps do not fold all the way down onto the cargo bay ramp. What happens is when the cargo bay door is closed, the toe ramps rest on the cargo door. When it goes to open, the toe ramps move to a vertical position (not fold all the way down onto the ramp) and then the cargo door raises up and the ramp lowers down. When the ramp hits the ground, the toe ramps then move down onto the ground.

The toes are also removable, as they're only used for pallets and vehicles. For Airdrops and passengers, you would have them removed.

As I'm typing this, I'm also listening to C-17's take off at the flightline.