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#162290 Posted at 2014-04-05 14:53        
Hello guys, recently I have been trying to use Muggi's awesome Favslev Island for ArmA 2 (Favslev Version 2.5) in ArmA 3, it loads in the menu just fine, and I can use it in the editor, but when I try to actually load into the map, (ie: Place a unit in edtior then preview) the map never loads, it reaches some percentage, and my FPS just freezes in the menu, ArmA 3 crashes. I am able to run other maps just fine through All in Arma, so I feel it is very unlikley to be related to that. It is not the windmills included in the map either, by placing them on another map in the editor my game doesn't explode. Apparently Muggi said somthing about the config needing a Terrain synth setting to be 0, so I used mikero's tools to open the pbo, change the config.cpp and tried to makepbo it again with Mikero's tools. Though it became a PBO just fine, the game did not have the map in the editor menu anymore, and nothing suggested it was working.
I am not sure if I PBOed the folder at the wrong place. For instance, after unpboing "favslev25.pbo" it became a favslev25 folder with directories such as mp and others inside with all the files. I assumed I was to PBO the first favslev25 folder, not the interior one that was labeled mp.
I am able to find the config.cpp in the main folder but I dont understand if that is the only one I have to edit this terrain synth value to 0 on or if there are others.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, maybe even some from Muggi :)