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#162486 Posted at 2014-04-09 21:12        
# DalaiLamar : Love the SP pack bro. I did notice that there are no RVMATs on the ssh68 helmets though. Could you raise the holster just slightly on the hip so it jives with the belt a bit better. I have some great texture files from our previous versions of this SSh68 helmet including ones with helmet nets and covers you can use. Also can you include some of the Officer model uniform (with tunic) for a more 3rd world look. I am dying for that duck hunter style camo on the officer style uniform. Great work m8.

yes you are right there are no RVMATs on the ssh68 helmets, i removed them before i even released the sp pack because there were a big black line going through the middle and for the life of me i didn not know what was causing it to happen but i did plan on trying again but forgot until now. yes i can raise the holster, You say you have got some helmets with nets that would be great mate, i will private message you and we can talk more, you will be credited for them, now as for the officer uniform i don't really want to camo those as most of the vests don't fit the model properly, to be honest i don't like them much i was hoping that bis will add something like this or maybe like this, i just don't like that officer model but i dunno what to do yet i will have to think on it, thanks for your comment mate *THUMBS UP*

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# chrys45 : hi craig

Thanks for the great update. Do you want to include the holster in other colours like blue, black and white aniday?
That would be a great idea. :-)
Thanks, at the moment i am keeping one color for the holster but planning on adding a few more different designs *THUMBS UP*

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