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#162559 Posted at 2014-04-11 16:49        
Is this version an update of this?

The pbo names have changed, can you please make sure the archive in your above post contains all needed files?

Also, in the readme you write about optional addons and others, but those files are not in the archive.

DELTA_HeadWear - Head Wear
DELTA_Mod - Uniforms
DELTA_MK18 - Mk18 and Blastcore Tracers Modifications REQUIRED if you wish to see the textures created for them, THIS DOES NOT ALTER THE ORIGINAL MK18 MOD IN ANY WAY!
Blastcore Tracers A3 - by Opticalsnare
MK18 Pack - by ardvarkdb

In the archive there are just 2 pbo files:

Additionally, the DELTA_Mod.pbo name is the exact same as the pbo names of this modification:
Is there a certain reason for that? Is there a connection or are they both complete seperate releases?
pbo names really should never have the same name else conflicts may arise from people using both.