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#1633 Posted at 2007-01-07 21:56        
mmmmmmm am glad i was able to fight with you guys last night.

Signed up today, just to let you know:
Dutch, almost 30 years old, Work and Firefighter, in the time i'fe got left, Gaming, and Cat sailing.

According to games, started with lanparty's at my home from 1 on 1 with serial cable, till arround 14 players on an 100Mb Switched NW (see for pics) Now i dont organise them anymore (girlfriend) So i let that to others and participate. Campzone..

Doom I, II, III, Decent series, and some more further more occupied with Flashpoint and the GOTY edition (more or less the same, but saves money) And from day 1 with Battlefield 1942, BF-V, BF2, BF2-SF. But with the latest release, they lost me... Cause of that gameplay, and cause of Arma, wich i had to import to play.

Hopefully i'll be seeing you guys online in the Arma Server

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