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#164586 Posted at 2014-05-20 11:36        
# -=XTRA=-Larsiano : I have four questions for you:
- Why is the Joined rails mod required? I don't see any weapons in this mod
- Is the [DEV] branch A3 still required to use this mod, it seems to function without it just fine?
- Are the .PSD files available for people who would like to modify your skins?
- Any further plans for this pack in the near future?
hi XTRA=-Larsiano
Why is the Joined rails mod required - ?? haven't got a clue mate, not added any weapons or used any.
Is the [DEV] branch A3 still required to use this mod - dev branch not required, works in both dev and stable.
modify your skins - there's no PSD files.
Any further plans - yes i have plans to update this pack but i haven't done anything is the last two weeks, been too busy

hope i have answered all your questions mate and thanks for your comment *THUMBS UP*

just tested it in stable all is fine and i didn't get any messages saying Joined rails mod needed, as long as you have got the sp pack all should be ok, let me know how it goes, not got a clue on that Joined rails mod ?, i may take out the berets in all my country packs as im going to add this guys berets for my uk pack so i may ask him if hes going to do other berets.

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