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#165918 Posted at 2014-06-17 17:47        
Ive released Alpha version 0.4 of this mission.

Elite squad needs to search the woods for partisans and afterwards assault an airstrip with paratroopers.
This is still only alpha. After playing this mission over and over agein more then 30 times I decited to go for a public alpha test in order not to get insane. Mission duration is cca 3 hours.

-Changed some characters, so the mission is now compatible with ČSLA v2.26.
-The mission doesn’t reqire September 1939 mod enymore.
-Some units are now sitting instead of crouching.
-Added radio masseges after some tasks are complete.
-Improowed some scripts.
-Tryed to improowe music (not sure if successfuly).
-Some oather changes/improowements.


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