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#167015 Posted at 2014-07-10 18:30        

i have textured and added 2 new vests but for some reason bis have not added a camo name selection on the models.
i have still added these in the mission crate, they will appear with the new textures when bis fixes this,
Question to you - will bis add a camo name on these 2 models ?

Changelog V2.1

Changed : SSh68 Helmet class names to add a net and cover versions
Updated : kneepads now have strap but still not 100% complete
Updated : plate carrier black (10% darker)
Fixed : SSh68 Helmet rvmat (Thanks Dalai Lamar)
Added : flags Altis (army,air force,navy)
Added : flags Afghanistan (Commandos)
Added : flags Columbia (National Army,National Air Force,Navy)
Added : flags Netherlands (Royal Air Force,Royal Navy)
Added : flags Australia (Royal Air Force,Royal Navy)
Added : flags Canada (Armed Forces, Royal Air Force,Royal Navy)
Added : harness vest (no camo selection on model)
Added : press vest (no camo selection on model)
Added : shemagh black,green,tan,grey,white,checkblack,checkgreen,checktan,checkwhite,checkblue,checkred
Added : bandolier black,green,tan,grey (added for camo patterns in country packs)
Added : holster black
Added : work uniform and carryall backpack (hunter camo)
Added : carryall backpack (White)
Added : SSh68 helmet white
Added : SSh68 helmet netted and cover black,green,tan,un,white
Added : SSh68 helmet (all with and without goggles)

Included files:

Test mission included in download

More screens can be viewed here: Striking panthers

Known issues:
Not that i'm aware of
Not tested in multiplayer

Credits & Thanks:
BIS for this great game
Arma community
Kiory (Balaclava Model)
Fuller (Coverall Model)
Dalai Lamar (SSh68 Net & Cover Rvmat)

Arma3 Beta

Download Link
SP Pack v2.1

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