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The CSAT Modification Project - Version 1.3.0


The Western world had been at the forefront of the planet for easily the last few hundred years. The colonial empires of Europe ruled the world and extended their fingers to the farthest reaches of Africa and Asia. They were the giants: they were unstoppable. And even as the West fought and destroyed itself on the battlefields of the First and Second World Wars, someone would still be alive to preserve the glory. For a time, that was the United States. As Europe squabbled amongst itself in the latter half of the 20th century, America reigned supreme. Of course, during the same time a new power was forming. The once-mighty empire of Persia had been relegated to obsolescence and foreign control for almost a century - something that the people did not take kindly to. In 1979, the people of Shahist Iran revolted to create the Islamic state that thrives today. Often at odds with the West, this new nation would quietly repair and become resurgent into the 21st century.

When the 2008 economic crisis hit, Iran became weakened as well. Yet as the years went on something could be felt changing. The West could be seen struggling. China, however, rose to match the stagnated United States. The two countries became superpowers in a new conflict mirroring the USSR and the US and their vies for power. Iran, too, prospered under China's wing. Their newly moderate-leaning government encouraged reform to power their new ambitions. They sent men into space where the United States and Europe had left it cold and barren. They sent more and more soldiers abroad to conflict zones to establish their presence as a peacekeeping force and ingratiate themselves with nearby governments. The novel phenomenon of a Persian state policing the Arabs instead of a Western one became increasingly prevalent as the years went on. During this time, China and Iran began to grow closer together. They formed CSAT - the Canton Protocol Security Alliance Treaty - as a counterweight to America's NATO and Russia's CTSO. Nations began to flock to CSAT for support, including such countries as Iraq and Azerbaijan. In the early 2030s when Turkey was hit by a massive earthquake, CSAT troops intervened to provide stability and security. Turkey left NATO for CSAT shortly thereafter - a shockingly unexpected upheaval in the geopolitical realm.

It is here where CSAT wishes to expand its influence westward to challenge NATO. An east wind blows upon the Balkans, upon bankrupt Greece, and upon the tiny island-nation of Altis. They, too, struggle with economic crises and military insurgencies. They had reached out to CSAT for support in these trying times, and CSAT was more than happy to oblige. Now they are involved in the crisis there, a flashpoint that threatens to throw the world into war again and forever change the balance of power between the dying West and the nascent East. A change is on the horizon: it is to be determined on the battlefields of Altis.


It's about time I managed to open up a thread on the Armaholic forums. Usually I'm over at BIForums but it wouldn't hurt to do a thread here. This way I can get some more suggestions and questions going.

The CSAT Modification Project is something that I've been working on to create a more conventional aesthetic feel for the OPFOR faction in Arma 3: something that many people weren't too pleased with. This includes changing elements that seemed to be outlandish and out-of-place for the rest of the game like the Protector Helmets and the CSAT Fatigues. The assets included in this pack are designed to provide the familiar feel that people want, but still stay faithful to the BIS setting to allow for an appropriate enemy for the setting's BLUFOR to fight. This also facilitates replacement packs for campaigns and missions involving CSAT on 2035 NATO, since it'd be odd to have 2014 Iran versus a BLUFOR that's twenty years more advanced. So now comes the release after roughly two months of work.

Now with a replacement pack!

So who doesn't like pictures?

Download (v1.3.0):

Mediafire: (26.75MB)

The CSAT Modification Project v1.3.0

New mod v1.3.0 available at [URL= ]withSIX[/URL]. Download now by clicking:

Roadmap (as of 5/4/14):

> Initial release should be soon(TM) and this should include infantry units to play with. No vehicle changes will be made. Zeus compatibility is something I want to try and work on. (5/4/14)
> Next up should definitely be Zeus and keys for multiplayer. (5/9/14)
> A replacement pack for default CSAT units is definitely a wanted thing, and definitely something I want to add as an option.
> Updates beyond the initial release will focus on recrewing vehicles with TEC units and bugfixes/feature-tweaking (enhanced textures.) Groups and whatnot will be after the initial release. As per something like ALiVE, I'll take a look at it.
> Possible vehicle retextures to something more conservative than the camouflage pattern.
> More member states (first the Arabian theater like Turkey's newly-instituted government, Iraq, Azerbaijan, etc.)
> Future goals include finding a replacement for the Ifrit and the Kajman.
> After this is all done in the far future, I want to be able to diversify the CSAT arsenal with equipment like heavy lift helicopters, MLRS artillery, small patrol vehicles, etc. In addition, a possible phase-out of retextured gear for custom content may be something to do as well.

1.0.0 (release) (5/4/14):
> Base units and equipment.

1.1 (5/9/14):
> Signed for MP use.
> Configured for Zeus compatibility.
> Backpacks for specialized soldiers added with appropriate equipment and ammunition.
> Squad leader now has grenades for Katiba UGL.
> Removed team leader UGL while adding missing binoculars.
> Fixed soft headgear display names.
> Fixed Penah texture issues.
> Added UAV Bag retextures for UAV Operator units.
> Added CSAT Operations Bag.
> Added Rifleman (Unarmed) in all three catagories.
> Added Crewman in all three catagories with associated equipment.
> General readme.txt improvments.

1.1.1 (5/10/14):
> Fixed bad vehicle type for engineer backpack.
> Fixed Penah texture issue.

1.2.0 (5/31/14):
> Fixed iranarmy.paa to remove line at the right-hand-side.
> Fixed texture issues with UAV/Operations bags.
> Fixed pictures for backpacks.
> Fixed Penah clipping issues.
> Fixed wrong Penah color for Officer (Combat) in Men (Semiarid.)
> Fixed specialized backpacks showing in editor.
> Fixed missing Penah flag and inverted patch faces.
> Fixed drone assembling into vanilla backpack.
> Fixed config scope, changing from Independent to OPFOR.
> Replaced CSAT emblem with Iranian Armed Forces emblem for TEC_CSAT faction.
> Replaced beret model.
> Added crewed vehicles (cars, supports, armor, ships.)
> Added bags and support troops for static weapons (mortar, HMG, GMG, Titans.)
> Added Shar IFMV (retextured Strider) with GMG/HMG variants.
> Added ghillie suits.
> Added CSAT tac vests.
> Added Men (Navy) with various equipment (uniforms, headgear.)
> Added two variants of Sniper and Spotter to Men (Sniper) class.
> Added classname list to modfolder.
> Added some groups for what I have thus far. The rest will come later when everything else is finished up.

1.3.0 (6/25/14)
> Fixed wrong classname for Shar IFMV in motorized groups.
> Fixed configs for items classed in cfgweapons.
> Added replacement config and assorted literature.
> Fixed Iranian flag (it was upside-down.)
> Added pilot uniforms.
> Crewed air units.
> Added field packs.
> Added Rifleman (SMG.)
> Armed CSAT Officers with SMGs for self defense.
> Added pilots and additional aircrew (including variants for the Navy.)
> Added CSAT Recon units and assorted equipment.

Like any piece of software, this is going to have some bugs. Please report them to me in the thread and I'll stick 'em down there. If you know how to fix them, I'd appreciate that as well.

Known issues:

> Vestigial texture from A2 BAF model is still in the Penah and cannot load (creates error message at the beginning of any mission using them.) No effect on anything. (5/9/14)
> Some backpacks do not have working icons. No major effect on gameplay. (5/31/14)
> Engineers and medics do not have repair/medkits. (5/9/14)
> Clipping issues with the Penah model. (5/31/14)
> AT units only carry one rocket when I configged them to have three. (5/9/14)
> Squad leader has no grenades for UGL. (5/9/14)
> Engineer backpack config is not working. (5/10/14)
> UAV from modded bag assembles into vanilla bag. (5/31/14)
> Minor texture issues with UAV/Operations bags. (5/31/14)
> Mission-breaking Penah texture path bug. (5/10/14)
> Officer (Combat) (Semiarid) has wrong helmet. (5/31/14)
> Config scope is Independent, not OPFOR. (5/31/14)
> Incorrect classname for the Shar IFMV for the motorized units. (6/25/14)
> Officer issues when used with MCC. (6/25/30)


BIS - The models, the setting, the faction, and - most importantly - the game.
Armapirx - For his data and help with the replacement configs.
Surpher - Without him, my configs would still be a mess.
Da12thmonkey - Advice on fixing the helmet model.
Shtebbie - Help with custom model texturing.
AntoinneFlemming - I used his CSAT camouflage samples kindly posted here.
Reyhard - For help with the static weapon configs.
The Community - I did the mod for the community - it was their woes that convinced me to try my hand with this. They are the ones who showed interest and support, and for that I truly thank them.

Anyone I've missed should contact me so I can put them in. I appreciate everyone's help.

Licensed under the APL-SA license, so feel free to modify and use whatever you want in your mods as long as credit is given! If you ask nicely enough, I may even provide you with source data.

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The CSAT Modification Project! Overhaul your OPFOR, today! All for the low, low price of free.

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