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#167489 Posted at 2014-07-17 19:45        
a quick release here mainly because of the u.s pack update which shall be released tomorrow night, the wip officer hats are early wip, to be honest i don't know were i am going with them so i may remove them in the future i was only experimenting with them *DRINK*

Changelog V2.2

Fixed : platecarrier left side pouch coloured
Added : ACH helmet black,green,tan,un,white
Added : ECH helmet black,green,tan,white
Added : officer hats (early wip)

Included files:

Test mission included in download

More screens can be viewed here: Striking Panthers

Known issues:
Not that i'm aware of
Not tested in multiplayer

Credits & Thanks:
BIS for this great game
Arma community
Kiory (Balaclava Model)
Fuller (Coverall Model)
Dalai Lamar (SSh68 Net & Cover Rvmat)

Arma3 Beta

Download Link
SP Pack v2.2