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#167524 Posted at 2014-07-18 08:19        
# Foxhound : Thanks again for the update :-)
The newest version is up on the frontpage and you can find our updated mirror here:

SP Pack v2.2

Arma3 Dev Build
Thanks Fox *THUMBS UP*

Added 36 seconds later:

# gabolifal : Hi Craig. Great work dude, me and my community are using your pack since launch. Keep up with the great work.
Cheers mate *THUMBS UP*

Added 17 minutes later:

# J.Cook : I don't really want to be a negitive nancy but I kinda grinds my gears when I select a UN Helmet and it is blue and that's it(I know some like the PASSGT has UN letters on it). I really hope you think about putting UN or the UN Globe on all of the UN helmets in the future. Same with the new vests for the press. They all say press and they are all dark blue.. I selected the green one and it turns out to be just a regular press vest, it was kinda weird. I love the variety of your pack and I will always support it this is just some suggestions for making UN more prominent on the UN items.

(This was my opinions before the patch today 17/07/2014 if they have changed I am sorry to kick up a stink about it :D)

My regards


Keep up the great work, looking forward to future updates!

hi cook
no you not being negative you have an opinion that's cool, as for the u.n hats i understand and will add letters but as for the press,harness vests please read below the 2.1 release picture, i did say that those 2 models do not have a camo name on the models like all the others stuff i have added, they are binned bis models my friend so unless they fix this those will stay the same, all bis has to do is put a name called camo in O2 on the models and they will automatically have the new textures i have done, i cannot get inside the model to change this myself so i may pull them out in the future if bis does not fix, i wish i could get hold of the open models of these 2 vest so i could do it myself it would take me 20secs to do, thanks for your comment hope you understand what i am saying *DRINK*

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