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#167563 Posted at 2014-07-18 21:15        

@BW_LoadCalc: (V1.4). (BETA)

This mod alters the default gear UI to include a displaying showing your units total weight in Kg. This display will also change colour to indicate how much fatigue carrying (X)Kg. will cause you.

Main Features:

* Alters BIS "Inventory GUI" (Gear Menu) to display the total weight of all your units gear/ weapons as well as name of player in top middle (see picture above).

* Client Side, does not need to be run on server.

* Low immersion impact (no massive UIs appear at any time using this).

* Calculates weight based on round number given by loadAbs using an example provided by lordbooka on the BIS forums: (((loadAbs player)*0.1)/2.2)

* Has color indication of distance you can run carrying Xkg. (BASED ON GAME VERSION: 1.24.125979)

0-25kg - White, Light Load
26-30kg - Green, Medium Load
31-40kg - Blue, Heavy Load
41 + kg - Red, Extreme Load

* Now displays Stamina Status (V1.3) alongside weight, the stamina displays possible status's are:

if Fatigue < 0.11 then you are "Fresh".
if Fatigue > 0.10 and < 0.51 then you are "Warmed Up". // Can run for a Medium amount of time
if Fatigue > 0.50 and < 0.86 then you are "Tired". // Can run for short amount of time
if Fatigue > 0.85 then you are "Exhausted". // Probably Can't run

Me and some other Volcbat community members did some testing these are our result for how far you can run with Xkg of weight in your inventory before you screen starts pulsing black around the edges and your aim becomes none existent.

20kg 650m
25kg 650m // Any weight bellow this has little benefit
30kG 500m
35kg 450m
40kg 400m // Any weight above this has major impact
45kg 245m

Essentially every 5kg extra you carry between 25kg-40kg means you can run 50m less.

Download Here: (V1.4)

Note: I still consider this beta, any bugs / other feed back please post here.

Additional Info:

This mod originated from a discussion on the Volcbat forums about the new stamina system that is generally liked a lot by us, however we thought it would be nice to know just how much the amount of kit we are carrying on missions would effect our aim / stamina. I did not like many of the intrusive stamina bars available and took some inspiration from ACE2.

Thanks to:

* VCB for helping test this.
* BIS forum members for creating topics on how to find BIS's GUI defines.
* Armaholic.

Future Plans:

To replace the largely redundant volume / weight bar on the bottom on the gear UI with a "current level of fatigue indicator". Leaving your default in game indicators such as screen flashes and heavey breathing to be your main indicators of fatigue.

Demo Video:

The Maths:

If anyone's interested in changing what value this @Mod produces you can find out in the spoiler bellow.

If your interested in changing a mods config so it is displayed as certain weight in Kg you can find out how to do so in the spoiler bellow.

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