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hi cook
no you not being negative you have an opinion that's cool, as for the u.n hats i understand and will add letters but as for the press,harness vests please read below the 2.1 release picture, i did say that those 2 models do not have a camo name on the models like all the others stuff i have added, they are binned bis models my friend so unless they fix this those will stay the same, all bis has to do is put a name called camo in O2 on the models and they will automatically have the new textures i have done, i cannot get inside the model to change this myself so i may pull them out in the future if bis does not fix, i wish i could get hold of the open models of these 2 vest so i could do it myself it would take me 20secs to do, thanks for your comment hope you understand what i am saying *DRINK*

Good to hear and I understand. Looking forward to the future updates with more UN hats :D