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#167578 Posted at 2014-07-19 00:02        
cool, will fix that tmrrow, hopefully simple enough.

Added 56 minutes later:

# Johan1 : Mayby include a 2nd slot for a rifle and some ammo too,please? Allways wanted a Inventory that is maximised :-)

Maybe also inventory items that doesen`t weigh much,like anti-tank missiles or food items.What about making the slot modular,adding "pockets" to the Slots too?

Just a thought..... tnx,John.

Thanks for the thoughts but I like it the way it is, you can put weapons in your backpack, the time it takes to open the backpack and remove the weapon / then put it from your back into hand is fairly balanced I think. As for pockets I think the vest / uniform / backpack distinction is good enough.

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