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#167590 Posted at 2014-07-19 07:14        
Nice thanks for checking the new version out! *DRINK*

Added 5 hours 25 minutes later:

Updated Again.. This hopefully should be the final version bar any bugs! (V1.3)

Change Log:

1. Fixed Error Report.

2. Now displays Stamina Status alongside weight, the stamina displays possible status's are:

if Fatigue < 0.11 then you are "Fresh".
if Fatigue > 0.10 and < 0.51 then you are "Warmed Up". // Can run for a Medium amount of time
if Fatigue > 0.50 and < 0.86 then you are "Tired". // Can run for short amount of time
if Fatigue > 0.85 then you are "Exhausted". // Probably Can't run

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