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Chinook Pack
By Deltagamer

Hey everyone! This is my first mod release for ArmA 3 so lets get going :D the chinook pack will aim to release a large variant of chinooks and give you the option to play with logistical, troop transport and attack versions. Fractions that will get these helicopters will be NATO and civilian for now. I will include a "whats planned" section below to show you what I aim to add to the game and what type of chinook I will be releasing.



- Walk-able interior
- Co-pilot for all versions
- Working ramp
- Collision lights
- Different Camos

To use these features please download LIFTER for ArmA 3 By RAV_RAVEN (BI FORUMS)
- Logistical features
- Fastrope



1- CH47F (With fixed ramp gunner and side gunners)
2- CH47F (With working ramp, side gunners and walk-able interior)
3- CH47F (With working ramp, walk-able interior and unarmed)
4- CH47F HC4 (With fixed ramp gunner and side gunners)
5- CH47F DESERT (With Desert/Olive Camo, fixed ramp gunner and side gunners)



2- RAMP_CH_47F

Whats Planned

If anyone has any suggestions to what I can add then feel free to mention them below, also if there are any bugs please let me know so I can fix them. If you wish to use this then feel free to do so just make sure it is only version 1.0 and give credit to everyone involved! V1.0 will be released unbinarized so anyone can use it for what they want to do with it! If anyone has any questions about using V1.0 to release with another mod then PM me. That's all.:)


@ChinookPack v1.6 - (File Size - 249MB) Binarized

Previous Versions



- WarLord554
- Aplion
- Ahles3
- CptDavo

Thanks to everyone above they have helped me out a lot!


- v1.6

- Fixed some minor problems
- Added zeus compatibility

Older Changes

Known Issues

- Animations
- Shell ejection location

For Mission Makers

To make the rear ramp on the "Ramp" and "Unarmed" versions spawn down/open use this -

this animate ["Ramp", 1];

Extra Links

- ChinookPack - Bohemia Interactive Forums
- Steam Workshop Foums - ChinookPack General Discussions


Just to let everyone know, V1.0 that was released unbinarized will be free for anyone to use at their own will with their mod packs etc, however future versions that get released will be binarized and will not be allowed in another mod. This is for the projects future and for anyone working with me adding their content that they wish to keep less public as I was speaking to a few people about it and they would prefer it that no one edits their work if they were going to help out, which is understandable and means that there will be more content released.

Added 3 minutes later:

So I felt that I should upload this to the armaholic forums as well even if it was a bit late due to the fact that armaholic has been my go to place for ArmA mods through-out the years. I would just like to thank the Armaholic Staff for all their hard work making this community what it is today!

Added 1 hour 9 minutes later:

I should have mentioned this in the change log buts its a little late now. I made some changes to the ramp and unarmed versions, you can now open and close the rear ramp from the inside and outside now, and for those who like their aircraft spawning with the ramp down in their missions use this in the vehicle init.

this animate ["Ramp", 1];

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