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#169185 Posted at 2014-08-16 12:02        
Hi all,

Actually, I must stay on the Beta Obsolete version of ArmA II because of problems with mods when using the last ArmA II version.

I own the Complete Collection on Steam, so I always launch the OA Beta since there, I configure and use my mods without any problems, no error messages, no crash...

But when I try to use my actual mods with the latest version, I have many error messages.

I have a problem with JSRS SoundMod, an error message say me that 'JSRS_2A14' requires addon 'CA_CruiseMissile' for example. And no way to find this 'CA_CruiseMissile', so surely a file from the vanilla game. I never experiment this error message before this last update.

I see in a Bohemia forum that this problem is fix when activate all the CBA folders, even if the CBA_CO contain the A2 + OA contents.
When I try to get all folder for CBA, so :


I only can have the CBA_CO.

The problem is it's impossible to get hands on the folders CBA_A2 and CBA_OA actually, even using the PlayWithSIX.
Only the CBA_CO is available, no way to get the CBA.

After that, by deactivating the sounds mods, I get other error messages...
Since the last update of ArmA II, if I don't use the obsolete version, that's a complete mess !

So, my question is : What the fuck ?!
Sorry for this, but... The latest ArmA II version should contain all the Beta content, so, why the latest version is completely messed up compare to the Beta obsolete ?!

That's really a shame.

So actually, if we want to use mods without problems, we must stay in the obsolete version.
The logic must be that we should have stability in the lastest version, not in the obsolete version, but actually, that's completely not the case.

Am I the only one who experiment this stupid problem with the latest version ?