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#169224 Posted at 2014-08-17 08:12        
Oh, ok, I understand.

So, actually, with my Beta Obsolete version, I use @CBA and @CBA_CO, and I never have problem.
I always read in the pages from the developers of CBA that the @CBA folders must be use all the time.

I understand better now why selecting @CBA_CO in PlayWithSIX select CBA_A2, CBA_OA and CBA already installed and only permit to install CBA_CO.

But I still don't understnad why I always have theses error messages...

I'll retry some tests with the link you give me.
Thanks for this info !

Still no way to get the latest ArmA II version with actual mods without having the error messages.
Only the Beta Obsolete launch correctly.

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