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#169435 Posted at 2014-08-20 23:51        
So yea, my install of combined operations got corrupted somehow and i lost MP functionality. i decided to re-install by using steam activation of my code. I have the Arma 2, BAF, PMC, and OA content fully downloaded, but i can only select them individually. PMC wont open when i tried to install it because it says my OA key isnt right, but OA opens just fine and plays flawlessly. BAF also will not install for the same reason. I stress that ive had these games fully installed in the past and had to re-install to get them to work properly after (i think) i accidentally deleted battle eye when cleaning up programs i dont use or recognize.

Should i install the arma X edition that my key also unlocked?

should i delete everything and go around again?

My game recognizes the BAF and PMC lite content that i must have downloaded before i bought the pack (i dont remember doing that) but does not find the ACR content that i know i had also, as i was using it in the editor the day i found out i could not multi-play anymore.

any ideas?

Edit [my version is 1.63 and, even though steam says the products are downloaded and need to be installed, the PMC and BAF show up as installed under windows programs/features as installed today, with OA installed yesterday.]