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#1712 Posted at 2007-01-12 03:23        
Time for a new poll dont you think? Here are the end results of the latest poll "what do you think of ArmA".

I am set for next few years, 100% ok. --------> 42%
I like it a lot, 75% ok. ---------------------------> 34%
Its ok, 50% ok. ----------------------------------> 8%
To much bugs, will come back, 25% ok. ------> 11%
Crap, seen it and deleted it, 0% ok. -----------> 3%

Looks to me the community is pretty much pleased already with what they got, but improvemennts are we all know :wink
In fact the number of people voting for "crap" suprises me, in the positive way. When you ask this question for any other game you will get many replies from people saying crap this and crap that. Not with ArmA, yet (505 version not released yet).
I like that a lot, proves to me the ArmA community is one of the best places to be part of :thumb