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#172281 Posted at 2014-10-30 17:20        
@Foxhound - yes, that may be true, but it still means I have to check the page for each category - a long and laborious task, given that there are sooo many categories and subcategories. So yes, I can sort categories by date order, but unless you're going to put all of the categories into one feed it's pretty useless to me. That's why I love RSS - it gives *me* the control, it's more flexible, lower bandwidth, and generally easier to keep up-to-date with new releases and updates.

I love Armaholic, but to be frank without the RSS feeds it's going to be just too time consuming and too much messing around to find new releases across all categories. Please, bring it back.


I have just been taking a look again at the download section of the site... Arma III has 8 main sections. There are then 20 sub-sections across some of those 8 main sections, with other sections being directly populated with items, making a total of 23 individual pages. Checking all 23 pages and sorting them individually by date takes considerably longer than refreshing my RSS feed and checking all of the new items in one hit.

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