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#172476 Posted at 2014-11-03 17:07        
# glennog : How has RSS had its day? There are many people (myself included, as well as the OP) who still use it. On Armaholic it's really useful to check through the site's updated downloads without having to trawl through dozens of pages individually. Come on guys, RSS is alive and well, bring it back please.

I totally agree with glennog.

i had the RSS feed added in my Feedly, so i was able to see at a glance what was new.

RSS most definitely has not had it's day. in fact, Google just last week basically said that an RSS feed was something that webmaster who are looking to be good SEO citizens should use, in addition to an XML sitemap.

IMHO as an experienced web engineer professional, disabling the RSS feed for what appears to be no good reason is short-sighted and a damn shame.

just my tuppence.

EDIT: just saw

> The new website will be released soon

i didn't realise this! okie dokie, patience is a virtue. thank you! :)

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