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Hi there, please let me present this new mod ArmA 3.

What's GLT Mod Extended?
GLT Mod Extended is an optional extension to the original GLT Mod. It is not meant to be used as standalone and never will be! While I'm trying to only use a few 3rd party addons in the original mod, I would like to create missions in GLT Mod Extended using own stuff and lots of other great 3rd party addons. Those addons are not included in this mod and must be downloaded separately!

My main goal for GLT Mod Extended is to create a lot of missions for the Arma 2 maps (mainly Chernarus and Takistan), and later for other community created maps.

GLT Mod Extended 1.04 DOWNLOAD (MAD SIN Mirror)
GLT Mod Extended 1.04 DOWNLOAD (Armaholic Mirror)

GLT Mod (always the latest version)
NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons
BW Mod
RHS Escalation Mod
AiA Terrain Pack or CUP (Community Update Project) Terrains
Helvantis (only required for Helvantis missions)
Lingor (only required for Lingor missions)

Author: [GLT]Legislator - /
Many thanks to:

BTK (sxp2high) for some his code

and of course many thanks to Team GLT and Team MAD SIN for the multiplayer tests and Bohemia Interactive for providing ArmA 3 and its content

Track the mod progress:

  • Put the folder @GLT_X into your main ArmA 3 folder
  • Use the parameter -mod=@GLT_X to load the mod with your arma3.exe
  • You can check if the mod has been loaded correctly if you have the GLT Extended logo in the ArmA 3 main menu

  • Content
  • African civilians and insurgents
  • CDF units
  • CDF vehicles
  • CDF backpacks
  • CDF underwear
  • CDF headgear
  • ChDkz units
  • ChDkz vehicles
  • ChDkz backpacks
  • ChDkz underwear
  • ChDkz headgear
  • GLT Winter backpacks
  • GLT Winter headgear
  • GLT Winter units
  • GLT Winter vests
  • GLT Winter vehicles
  • Several Arma 2 textures (CDF and ChDkz) which can be applied via function to units
  • Chernarus missions
  • Chernarus missions
  • Utes missions
  • Helvantis missions
  • Takistan missions

  • Mission features
  • Mission briefing including a lot of additional information
  • Revive script
  • Up to 8 player slots
  • Cooperative AND singleplayer missions
  • Alter the viewdistance and the gras layer ingame by pressing STRG + Shift + V
  • Most missions are using the GLT Jerrycan Module
  • singleplayer missions have a small intro and UAV briefing
  • Ingame mission changelog
  • Single- and multiplayer mission preview
  • digital keys for multiplayer mode
  • Known issues:
    the Arma 2 ports don't look perfect. I'm a beginner in this matter.

    New units and items!

    Future plans
      more missions!
      more units!
      more items!

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