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#1741 Posted at 2007-01-12 21:28        
I am a big Flashpoint fan, and played the hell out of it for 5 years. Last year I put it up for Call of Duty 2. I do like COD2, especially when it comes to moving over objects and out of windows. There should be a way for troops to do the same in ARMA.

It would be great to pull yourself up ontop of objects like walls, APC's, etc. I think some of the features of splinter cell would be useful. Hopping up on the top of tanks for a ride like in Halo.
Plus, and I so hope... that when you're sitting on the sideboards of the "little bird" that you can use your small arms against ground forces. There should be a way for passengers to fire out of open windows, and such. Gun ports on the Bradley, BMP, etc.

The more realistic collisions point that was made was right on.

I was hopeing that the buildings would desentigrate by direct fire from artillery, bombs, etc.
I was hoping this would be a wall by wall damage effect, instead it looks like the miraculous damage done to the world trade centers by placed demolitions.

It's better than the tin can crunched looking building damage in OFP by far, but hey, if you are in a desintegrating building, I suppose you die, right?

IMOA, I think BF2 graphics and the new graphics in general must have kept this on the drawing board.

BF2 (WAS) an awesome game, but I get tired of fighting SAPI soldiers in true bulletproof armor.

To me, ARMA will be better, in a bigger scale, and strategically more fulfilling.

Now my biggest complaints, I need more computer parts to run it, I want a TrackIR clip and a headset, and I have been waiting for 2 years for the release. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....
I want to shoot somebody. haha.