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An-2 next to Gnat's Cessna

Antonov An-2 Annushka

by Sabre[Dust]

This is actually my first vehicle port for Arma 3.
The sea plane float idea and scripting is courtesy of Gnat.


special thanks goes to Gnat -
much appreciated help with Sea Plane Version + prop blur!
Nevbox for making professional texture templates
Aplion - for Arma2- Arma3 port tutorial
Feint - HeadrangePlus - extended Track IR Support
Lala14 - thanks for the help and input about interior Lights
Himself and Uninamer - for testing /MP testing
BIS for original Model/Textures (APL Sample Files)
Everyone who contributed on the forum with ideas

The mod comes in 2 parts in the new version!
Part 1 features the port from Arma 2 + Armed Versions for each Faction.
Part 2 features the seaplane, snowplane and all the other liveries.

Link to BI Forums

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