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#175251 Posted at 2015-01-12 18:33        
Update V 0.9

I won't put up the changelog here, it's too long : )

Among other things we now have:
-Firing from Vehicles
-Seaplane working in SP, partially on MP dedicated (50/50 chance of surviving : ))
-more Instruments
-working control wheel/stick
-flight model changed (after I saw a youtube vid of An-2 making loopings, turns, etc)
-copilot, can take controls
-fully automatic Zeus compability
-door animation

Door Gunner can take control of plane?! No idea how to prevent it - Help welcome
Plane can fly backwards, reminds me of dragons in skyrim at lauch - still working on the flight model
Weird Issues with boarding plane together in MP or with AI

Special credits for this version:
Gnat for helping me with the Seaplane!!! So much appreciated - Thank you so much!


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