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#175538 Posted at 2015-01-18 08:34        

This mod adds a whole new faction French; with a wide range of land and air vehicles (retexturizes Nato Indp, CSAT)

web :

first release v20141108_315JF

current version v20150110_010JF
Changelog: v20150110_010JF
- all backpacks retextured
- logo clan compatible multiplayer vehicles
- Control of drones resolved ( NATO and JackFrench )
Retexturizes of:
_ Adding two speedboats Navy
_ Adding Nato vehicles: tank truck, ammunition, equipment
_ Adding ALT Helicopter Attack
_ Adding Huron CH-67
_ Adding Drone UAS CAS , Drone UAS ,UGV RCWS ,UGV
_ Adding howitzer
_ Adding VAB MK3
_ Adding Char MBT, M2A1, M2A4
_ Supply Crate (JF)
_ Static underwater (JF) (CfgVehicleClasses: Submerged)
_ Ipso _ Dog Mascot (JF) (ambient life)
_ Guard Dog (JF) (ambient life)

web :

Merci .

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