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#175664 Posted at 2015-01-21 09:23        
thanks for this addon. it's pretty sweet. god bored of using the standard weapons in the single player and this made it so much sweeter. (still getting used to Arma controls after years of absence before I head online)

I am having one issue though, and I'm not sure if its a problem with Arma 3 engine, my PC or the mod. Some optic lenses, like the Aimpoint and Acog, have a very pixelated and blocky lens. In particular the Aimpoint suffers from this, since it is also heavily affected by sun glare. It can often block out the entire lens with big white blocks of "sun" making it impossible to see through the aimpoint.

The ACOG is pixelated, but doesn't have the same sun white-out effect.
The other sigts, such as Eotech, do not suffer from this at all.

Tried running the game on Low and Ultra, no difference.
Tried facing the sun and looking away from the sun. Little or no difference
Tried standing directly under shadow, no difference (although looking in some directions the red dot turns white?)


This one illustrates the problem of shooting at enemies (or friendlies):
Cloesup of the pixelation in the lens:

edit: even at night :)

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