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#175803 Posted at 2015-01-25 13:19        
Hi there folks,

Me and my people reskinned and seperated the ATF Dingo2A2 from the ACR_A3 mod using frankymans Textures from the ArmA2 AMT DINGO. so that we germans now can drive in our colours ^^.
This is our first release and we hope you enjoy it.
And we also working currently on new diffrent and "sharper" Textures for it, so standby for updates...


WIP Picture from the "HD" Textures we are working on

adds the
-Dingo2A2 with MG3 + GMG(Flecktarn)
-Dingo2A2 with MG3 + GMG(Tropentarn)

to the BWmod to find in the Editor at "Radfahrzeuge (Tropentarn)" and "Radfahrzeuge (Flecktarn)"

Required Addons:
BWmod(Bundeswehr mod)


BIS for makeing such a great game!

frankyman for the AMT Dingo and his Textures.

special thanks to EvroMalarkey for the ACR_A3 and porting the Dingo to A3.

BWmod team for the great mod
And thanks to my team the 7.Luftlandebrigade from the multigaming Clan (BLUE VENGEANCE) for separating and makeing it BWmod compatible

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