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#176168 Posted at 2015-02-02 18:41        
# taro8 : The bottom of the beret 2 variants are white, I think they should be black (the round thing that goes around the head).

I have a request: could you make few CSAT uniform retextures? Im making somewhat futuristic looking units and those uniforms sure look good with NATO plate carrier.
beret 2 ok will look into it, CSAT uniform in black,green,tan etc if that's whats your asking then yes i will try mate, Thanks *THUMBS UP*

Added 1 minute later:

# supergrunt : Hey there, still loving these packs :) could you please include a "work" uniform (the officers uniform) in the colors black / green / blue and dark blue to the SP pack ?(preferably without any flags) those would be perect for police type / off duty units..

thanks in advance if they would make it in to the pack
I tried doing those a few updates back but didn't look right for some reason, i will try again tho, Thanks *THUMBS UP*