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#177353 Posted at 2015-03-05 11:19        

GLT Mod Extended Update to 1.01

GLT Mod 1.01 provides a full bunch of Winter units and objects of the GLT forces. The requirements of the mod changed! RDS weapons and tanks are not required anymore. If you want, you can add Helvantis to the mod list. But you'll only need it if you want to play the missions.

  • changed: smoke grenades in CDF backpacks have been reduced
  • changed: random headgear for ChDkz and CDF units (no sunglasses at night)
  • fixed: RPT error caused by fault eventhandler in unit configs
  • fixed: no texture on LOD4 of GLT_Helmet_Crew_CDF
  • fixed: CDF pilot helmet still had the old untextured A2 head in LOD 3 and 4
  • fixed: head proxy in View Pilot LOD has been removed on all CDF models
  • fixed: head proxy in View Pilot LOD has been removed on ChDkz lite soldier model
  • new: ChDkz Helipilot
  • new: GLT Winter Uniforms
  • new: GLT Winter Headgear
  • new: GLT Winter Vests
  • new: GLT Winter Vehicles
  • new: GLT Winter Steerable Parachute
  • new: mission "Operation Wilderness" (Bystrica)
  • new: mission "Combined Arms" (Takistan)
  • new: mission "Winter Soldiers Part 1" (Helvantis)
  • new: mission "Airport Assault" (Utes)
  • new: Modern ChDkz units
  • removed: relation to RDS addons
  • removed: several CDF and ChDkz textures (redundant mod)
  • updated: GLT Showcase: CDF
  • updated: GLT Showcase ChDkz
  • updated: hand sections of CDF and ChDkz models

PS: If you want, you can track the progress on this link!

The download link in the 1st post of this thread has been updated!

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