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#177458 Posted at 2015-03-07 21:11        
Chompster : Any chance you'll add more flat gorkas? right now there are a lot of camo but almost no flat gorkas. Like these:
Hello Chompster. Jacket with a hood style 'Gorka' - today a lack of quality 3D model. In ARMA 2 - 'Gorka' too rough, ugly. 'Gorka' quality level ARMA 3 - does not exist today. If you are a fan of 'Gorka' perhaps you'll like this one add-on (look at screenshots):
Press link «Исправленный горка аддон»
Or press link «Сейчас работает ?»
Authors: «DayZ» Bohemia Interactive; LIL_SE; max1048; Lyotchik sniper; ivansd91

cinco : can i just get the bullet proof vests?
Machine translation is very distorts the meaning of your question. The meaning is not clear. Please specify your question if this is important to you.
In mod each vest signed by the author. I am not the author vests. If you need any non-binarized files 3D models (.p3d), you will need to contact their respective authors, and not to me. I don't have non-binarized .p3d models. If you need any texture uniforms, vests and helmets, you can use them without asking my permission (I authorize all) This is not a work of art, not a portrait of Monna Lisa (La Gioconda) :-)