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«Flat» - this is one-colored (monochrome) fabric without a pattern? Now I understand :-)
Maybe you will come in handy here is the uniform:

A monochrome (no pattern) khaki-brown "Gorka" there are in this mod: download page LINK
Author: Avezd
The mod is called: "Бригада СпН". Literal translation «Brigade Special Forces». Translation by Avezd (author): "Russia SpN" version 1.4
Requirements addons: RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Brief description: The mod is dedicated to the anti-terrorist special forces of Russian Federation. The mod contains a lot of interesting models of weapons used by law enforcement agencies and the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Example: “Kedr”, GM-94, “Val”, VSS”Vintorez”, ОЦ-14 "Гроза"(Groza) and other. The mod contains a lot of fighters in SURPAT camo. The mod contains a faction of terrorists (side - independent 'green') The mod contains vehicles, – retexture some ARMA-vanilla-vehicles, - trucks, helicopters, armored vehicles.

And the «Gorka Uniforms» addon by FoxFort contains khaki-brown «flat» «Gorka»