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#177680 Posted at 2015-03-13 09:31        
Hey CaptainSparkles,

That surely sounds annoying! :P I haven't touched this one in very long time, so it's very possible that there's some issues.
Earlier I was planning of releasing AIRS 2.0, and here's actually wip version of it: if you want to check it out.
Unfortunately there's no documentation included, so you would have to read some script comments etc (ADD.sqf), but I can also help via Steam.

It's wip as there's many features still missing, like game modes and so on, but the basic stuff should work. And some "new" features:
- you can now choose if AI respawns independently one by one, or as a whole group like before
- easy to define separate init-files, which allows you to for example add your own gear script for AI
- also possible to define if AI uses empty vehicles near it

I really hope I can someday have time to finish this one!

Need web sites & apps or video effects? I'll make 'em; ||

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