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#178367 Posted at 2015-04-01 03:04        
wow! countermeasure!
I guess your helo is flying to a waypoint. If you script, tell me, if not in your editor :

- Set your helo skill to 0 (editor) and waypoint behavior to "safe", (speed "limited" is better)
- Place an AA specialist Opfor with: this allowfleeing 0; in his init field. (You can add also this allowdamage false if you're afraid this unit could die before shooting at helo but you'll have to allowdamage true on a second time).
- Set this AA unit skill to max. Be sure AA is in sight of helo. Normally it's sufficient to make the AA unit shooting at helo.

Problem could be AA fires too soon. (but you must keep a good distance for firing a missile. If not your AA unit will fire with his riffle).
To prevent this case, add in init field of the unit this setcombatmode "blue"; but also add a trigger grouped to your helo (trigger will act when this vehicle enter the trigger zone)
- in on act field of the trigger :
manpad setCombatMode "red"; // at this step, you need to give name to helo (helo) and AA unit (manpad).

Shooting just one missile :
add in init field of the AA specialist: removebackpack this; without backpack the unit is unable to reload. The other solution is to leave just one magazine "Titan_AA" for the unit (not so simple).

Optional: scene for a vertical rotor hit and an emergency landing/crash:
You don't want the helo takes damage too fast, too heavy:
You need to detect the AA fire. The best way is what is called an Event handler;

Your trigger now will looks like (copy/paste, and change names helo & manpad if you want):

manpad setCombatMode "red"; helo addEventHandler ["Hit", {if (manpad == _this select 1) then {helo setDamage 0; helo setHitPointDamage ["HitVRotor", 1]; helo setfuel 0.001; for "_i" from 0 to 4 do {_flare = "Smokeshell" createVehicle position helo; _flare attachTo [helo,[0,-6,1]]}; helo allowDamage false}}];

Name this trigger Trig1 for example (it will be checked by a second one).
That's it. You have a more realistic crash. Your helo will go to the ground without exploding (helo allowdamage false)

- Add your second trigger, trig2, where you want because only the conditions are important:
In condition field:
((getposatl helo select 2) < 3) && speed helo <2 && triggerActivated trig1

In on act field:
{_x leaveVehicle helo} foreach crew helo; helo allowDamage true; helo setDamage 0.7; approx_pos = [(getPosATL helo select 0) + random 50, (getPosATL helo select 1) + random 50,0 ]; marker_crash = createMarker ["Ghost_Crashed", approx_pos]; marker_crash setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; marker_crash setMarkerSize [70, 70]; marker_crash setMarkerColor "ColorBlue"; marker_crash setMarkerBrush "FDiagonal" ; marker_crash setMarkerText "Approx. Ghost crash position";

Set trigger timer to countdown min mid max to 5 (seconds) This help crew to disembark.
Variables are global. Marker will be visible on each player's map. crash site is approximative. You can enlarge it as you need (random 100, random 200...)
helo allowdamage true for re-enabling helo destruction

Hope this help.

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