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#180358 Posted at 2015-06-18 17:14        
My first faction is now a full release, which means only small fixes and perhaps new units will be added. No major updates will be included anymore. But I still need your help to find any bug caused by this mod. Please let me now, thanks.

This mod also contains a ServerKey now.

Here a bit of story:
The Chimera is a UN Strike Force founded after the Rise of the CSAT/Cartel. The UN isn't satisfied with the US implication in this war, so the UN founded a Joint Strike Force called "Chimera".
Chimera is based on the Act of Aggression faction, an RTS game coming in September 2015. If I have time, I will make a Cartel faction. I don't think that I need to make an US Army because there are already so many.


-Zeus Compatibility
-Special Forces
-Many Indep and NATO units
-Counter-Terrorist Units
-More coming soon...


Youtube Trailer



Chimera Faction v1.4.2


-Fixed an display issue for Cartel mod

-Fixed an error with the Crewhelmet by replacing it
-Updated description

-Renamed "HMG 3" and "GL 2" to "Static Gunner" and "Static Grenadier"
-Added CRV Bobcat, called "Kodiak" ingame
-Replaced unarmed Lynx with PO-3 Orca called "AS365 MAH"(MAH=Mulitpurpose Attack Helicopter)
-Renamed "SAS Soldier 2" to "SAS Soldier(Light)"
-Removed included .tga files, which I used for easier editing

v1.3 BETA
-Fixed a display name bug with AT Missile Specialist
-Reworked Groups
-2 Reworked units called "Exo-Soldier" and "FELIN Soldier"
-Added new MG for the Exo-Soldier, called HK421
-Some more fixes

v1.2.2 BETA
-Fixed a bug where AR 134 was still shown instead of HK 420
-Removed 2 Motorized Groups which caused errors

v1.2.1 BETA
-Renamed the AR134 to HK420
-Removed "Motorized Mortar Group" to fix an issue

v1.2 BETA
-Replaced TAR21 with MX Rifle(ingame called AR 134)
-Fixed a major bug with Groups

v1.1 BETA
-Renamed units
-Deleted some useless units
-Added the Namer APC and SPAA
-Special Forces now have a paratrooper squad

-First Release

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