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#180473 Posted at 2015-06-24 16:56        
# 3dleak : Excuse me sir but I disagree with you.

"Your" money truck is stoled here and only retextured very bad.
"Your" fire truck is stoled here and only retextured very bad.
"Yours" other vehicles are surely stole somewhere else but I got too few photos to understand the exactly one.

Please stop steal other people work and try scam Arma 3 life "players" to pay you real cash for use your bisign or your addon.

Get a job

You get one of your own

The armored truck interior is totally different, I see no bucket seats and a lower-quality (sorry max :() dashboard, likely cut and paste from his ambulance. And there are many subtle differences between the two fire engines, namely the light configuration, bumper, and roof accessories. Perhaps max would like to speak on this, but I think it's probably more "inspired" than "stolen", though I dunno how someone could possibly "steal" something for free use on 3dcadbrowser. At the very least they are heavily modified versions of the models. I also never saw anywhere that max said (or anyone rumored, at all) that this would be a paid mod or that this was affiliated any way with A3L. I know for a fact that nobody can put up a paid mod on Armaholic, Arma 3 Steam Workshop, BI Forums, or Play With Six.

If I were making a life (content) mod in the span of four months to a year, I'd be adapting a lot of other peoples' work myself. Do you know how long it takes to actually make a 3d model yourself and configure it as a vehicle in Arma? Yikes! Assuming he credits original works he modified in the readme (if he did modify them and not use them as inspiration), I see no conflict. I do agree that the wheels in particular and overall model quality could use a bit of work though :P

And Max, a recommendation, put the roof lights further forward on the fire engine; I can barely see them!

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