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#180477 Posted at 2015-06-24 17:52        
@Blueteamguy thanks for your reply very appreciated ;)

@PhonicStudios That was the past, now we are on Armaholic, and if You look for my addons, You will find
a lot of my addons complete of bikey, I gave a lot of permissions to use my Mods.
I think I touched the somebody interests, like for example the ArmA life server...
And this attack is the evidence!

@3dleak You can't insult me, You haven't right to write these filth!
Like already written I can't steal a free mesh, You don't know the enormous
work behind an addon.
However I do these mods for hobby I'm not a
pro, I already a real job...
I suggest You change game! ArmA is not for You...

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