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#180804 Posted at 2015-07-07 19:27        
first of all, sorry for double post but i havent seen the scripting forum

got a little problem. Im working on a mission with a friend and we want it to be the same start as it was in ArmA2(which was possible)
How it was in Arma2:
We placed a static c130 around 2000m high and it had around 10 soldiers in it who could walk in there because it was the static version of the c130.
How it is in Arma3:
It is not possible to spawn soldiers in cargo because the soldier goes direclty into the parachute mode (lies on his stomach and slides over the ground of the c130)
Is there any way to disable the function that he goes in parachute mode instantly at a certain hight?
Because i rly would like to add that feature because it looks rly cool.

thanks in advance

Edit: we dont want to attach the soldiers to the 130 because it looks weird and we had to use a animation which looks also stupid

..and thanks for the fish

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