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#181631 Posted at 2015-08-01 23:22        
Hi there everybody, I'm working on a UA Naval Infantry specops mod (actually it's my first mod). I've already submitted the first version of the mod (thought ATM it's still in validation queue:

So I'd like to have a forum topic for the mod.

Basically I've done several things I enjoy there, I hope you'll enjoy them either.

So what's it all about: the mod adds the faction of UA Naval Infantry specops equipped with P1G-TAC "Field Toad" and "Steppe Toad" uniforms ( UA Naval Infantry, as well as some other units and services do use this camo in the ATO zone, so it's not some psychedelic "Camouflage Vyshivanka" from some weird stereotype-fantasies as in some other mods).

Have a look at the "Field" and "Steppe" toad camouflages in the presentation video and ArmA 3 field test:

So one feature I implemented myself and enjoy having this little thing is the script that allows you to put the mountain uniforms hood on and off.

Another thing I made because I feel it was lacking in lotsa other mods is randomization of units loadout, like headgear, facewear, vests, backpacks, patches (of course withing the limits of the unit's class) so you don't have "an army of clones" walking around with the same gear.

The same about the vehicles: I made numerous camo options for BTRs (in two categories "Field" and "Navy") used on vehicles in ATO zone and on UA Naval Infantry vehicles, and naturally every vehicle gets randomized combat arms emblem, unit emblem, number, "motiovational", "patriotic" stickers (or doesn't get them, everything's picked randomly).

As for the vehicles the mod has BTR-70, BTR-80, Ural trucks, BM-21, UAZ, Mobile ZU-23-2 on Ural truck base, static ZU-23-2, AGS, DSHKM, 2b14 from RDS:SW and NSV from RHS:RFAF.

I hope you'll like it, and, basically the reason I start this topic: please write your useful suggestions here, since it's my first mod, I could really use some advice, I guess

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