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#181827 Posted at 2015-08-10 15:31        
GLT Mod Extended Update to 1.03

The main focus of the update is a complete rework of the CDF units.

  • changed: several textures and RVMAT files have been moved from glt_items_uniforms_cdf.pbo to glt_items_headgear_cdf.pbo
  • changed: texture of CDF MICH helmet
  • changed: textures of CDF backpack
  • changed: GLT Winter backpacks scope changes
  • changed: African backpacks scope changes
  • changed: CDF weapons are now from RHS mod
  • changed: CDF ammo crates config has been moved to GLT Mod Extended
  • fixed: author has been added to several CDF units
  • new: CDF vests
  • new: CDF Bergen Backpack
  • removed: classname GLT_Uniform_Officer_CDF
  • removed: classname GLT_Uniform_Militia_CDF
  • removed: classname GLT_Uniform_Soldier_MG_CDF

If you want, you can track the progress on this link!

The download link in the 1st post of this thread has been updated!

PS: The GLT Mod Extended is available for download on Steam too!

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