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#181883 Posted at 2015-08-12 11:23        
I've never encountered a problem like this. Basically I want to have a fresh install without any mods for ARMA CO. I deleted all folders in My Documents and Steam's common folder related to ARMA 2, OA, and DLC's. I redownloaded all ARMA 2 games.

When I launch Operation Arrowhead or the CO batch file in A2OA's directory, I see three mods launching with the game. Where else are these mods located? Nothing in My Documents or ARMA directories.

Should I just reformat and reinstall windows? Out of ideas....
Mods are @i44, @CBA, and another @CBA. These mods were easy to install and they worked fine. I want them gone, but they are somehow still launching with A2OA without actually being in any of the directories. It's like the mods copied themselves to a hidden directory and are still launching with ARMA 2.

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