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#182214 Posted at 2015-08-23 15:48        
# Foxhound : I have updated the Armaholic news- and downloadpages with the new version 1.01 of your Ukrainain Naval Infantry Specops


But please, take note of this as well and get back to me about this as soon as possible!

Sorry for the late answer and sorry for the problems with that mod, the thing was that I couldn't get the hiddenselections to work to change the textures of the RHS' models, so I changed the path to the texture in the model file and didn't include RHS addons as requirements which was really stupid.

If possible I'd like to reupload that mod which contained the uniforms only (without factions/vehicles) when I add the "Varan" uniforms to them, and make everything correctly and dependent on the RHS addons.

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