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#182976 Posted at 2015-10-02 16:08        
# 25th Australian Command Reg : Hey Max!
Great mod 10/10 but when I try to install the mod it only allows access to some of the vehicles drivers seat. On some vehicles the game just crashes. Any solutions?

# maxjoiner : Hi mate and thanks for your comment..
About your problem,
have You installed others mods/addons?
in case try them singly...
Did You updated ArmA3?

got the same problem is some cases when entering a vehicle arma 3 crashes to desktop

i have arma 3 up to date 1.52
and yes i have loads and loads of other addons
i will try to narrow it down but i think in this case its going to be a impossible job
like the mod though
texture work could be better but its playability we want ;) (and its still a hell of a lot better then that i have to do it :P )