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Your addon is fairly simple, but you'll still need the arma 3 tool set. You should have two files in a folder called config.cpp and init.sqf (the name of the script really doesn't matter). For this example, I'm going to name the folder fatigue_adjusment, if you want to change it, you should change any text in the config.cpp that says fatigue_adjusment with the name of your choice. The folder will become a pbo later, which you'll put under
Arma 3\@OHTCfatigueMultiplier\AddOns\fatigue_adjusment.pbo

Put this c++ code inside the config.cpp and edit it if you want:

Since we're calling it as a function, we'll have to spawn the code inside the init.sqf, look at my modifications. Also since this code will run at postInit, I took the freedom of removing the unnecessary waitUntils. Also there is a error at line 8, but I didn't touch that:

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