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Hello All,

Thank you for reading this. I am just having a slight problem with landing with a parachute whether it be AI or myself or one of my friends that i play with on my server. I have tried to land maybe 40-50 times and on all different surfaces to see why i keep dying upon landing. Now i figured that instead of sitting there and trying to consistently land well and hope my AI teammates land well also, I was wanting to write something in the INIT line of the unit that will keep all players and AI at full health or god mode till they hit the ground. Once they reach the ground i would like god mode to turn off. My scenario is being done on Imarali Island Terrain Mod where i want a task force to parachute right from mission start they are freefalling so i add the line addbackpack "B_parachute"; in the init line for each unit to give them a parachute and i start them off in the air at about 500 meters. And as i mentioned i just can't seem to land without dying. Its not that i get dragged like i've read in some forums i just don't let go off the parachute and fall and die 2 seconds after landing. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a little code to put in the INIT line so that they can have no damage to health till they are on the ground and the parachute has disconnected and then after that back to normal allowdamage true; Please and thank you